House Tour: Dining Room

Happy Saturday, everyone! I’ve decided instead of sharing the whole house all at once, to break it up and share a room at a time. Today, I’m sharing our dining room!

One of the things I love about our house is the openness and the amount of natural light that we get from our window – which you’ll see in the pictures.  Jared just finished building/staining our dining room table and benches a few weeks ago and as soon as we put them in the house we were MORE in love with this space.

That next night we decided we wanted to put some open shelves on the wall and get a new light fixture. The combo of all the new pieces totally make this space feel complete.

There’s something about a good table.. Do you know what I mean?

It’s just so much more than a table. When he finished this project and we brought the table inside, my brain was just flooded with thoughts of what would happen at this table.

Meals shared with friends, budget planning, giggles over dinner, game nights, benches that would one day be full of our little ones, times of prayer together, serious talks, probably some tears, bill paying, lesson planning, Bible reading, etc…

Like I said, it’s so much more than a table. I am so thankful for this beautiful piece that we get to cherish together and enjoy for several years to come. But, I’m more thankful for the hands that built it. What would I do without my guy?

So here goes – the dining room! Enjoy 🙂



All photos were taken by Emily Collins.

Enjoy your weekend!



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